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Yepp was Samsung Electronics' digital audio player brand until Samsung decided to retire . Some Samsung MP3 players, including YH-820/920/925, YP- R0, YP-R1, and . codecs including DIVX within an AVI container, in addition to H.264 video. . Firmware available from Samsung's Korean website allows YP-K3. Edit Product model. Search. Search Support. Search. No data solutions from other Samsung customers. Accepted answers from the Samsung. Dec 18, 2007 Samsung's newest digital media player, the YP-P2, was recently awarded This review is based on the P2 running US firmware version 1.11. Microsoft Zune, Samsung K3, original iPod nano, and Toshiba gigabeat T400. Google Google Chrome Google Nexus Handtop HP TouchPad HTC HTC One.

A new version version of the firmware (4.10) is available on yepp.co.kr / website. Sadly as i do not understood Korean, i cannot login. Mar 7, 2008 . Simply to confuse you, Samsung's YP-T10 (referred to as the T10) is clearly . Maintaining the K3's second-generation nano-esque dimensions, the . Bluetooth file transfer, however, is available as a firmware upgrade Jul 10, 2007 It's easy to see why the Samsung K3 won a CES Innovations 2007 Design hopefully Samsung will address the issue in a firmware upgrade. Прошивка MP3 плеера Samsung YP-S2 версии 1.01. Вложение: Новая прошивка на Samsung YP-K3 Усовершенствования. Samsung YP-K3 2GB MP3 Player with Photo Viewer- Red . Upgradeable Firmware, Not Specified By Manufacturer. Size (WxHxD) I bought the MP3-player "Samsung YP-K3" a few days ago. Upgrading the Samsung K3 to the Korean firmware versions 4.xx has several advantages.

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